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"I have never let my schooling interfere with my education."

- Mark Twain

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All the institutions that we represent are legally allowed to award degrees at their discretion. Our service acts as a confidential intermediary between you and the college or university. Convert what you already know into a powerful qualification. By ordering through us you are making a legal declaration that you have sufficient previous work experience for the degree you wish to be awarded. This unique system is an excellent opportunity.

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Since the education explosion online, many private colleges and universities have found they were unable to compete with the richer state-funded institutions who can afford massive online advertising campaigns. Through our exclusive service these English-speaking private colleges and universities are prepared to award you a genuine, registered, verifiable and accredited bachelor's degree in return for a small fee. We have been running this service since 2001 and we know what we are doing. Don't miss out on this opportunity while it is still legal. Don't kick yourself later - Act Now!


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