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Many people were not able to continue their education to the college degree level when they were younger for many reasons and today it is these people who are looking for information about how to Buy A Life Experience Degree, to round out their education.

These same people have often spent many years working in their chosen profession or field of interest and have accumulated many years of invaluable work and life experience, usually without recognition of their skills in terms of salary and job promotion.

All the colleges and universities we represent
are accredited and recognized
and acknowledge that life experience and work experience are simply other genuine forms of study and education and accordingly are willing to transform this life experience into a degree.

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Life Experience Degree

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Buy A Life Experience Degree

Through us you can Buy A Life Experience degree from a registered university. This legal process is based on a life experience portfolio declaration and approval is almost instantaneous.

As long as you understand the concept of trading your life experience and prior learning for a degree, that you have a clear understanding of what constitutes a legally granted private degree and a clear understanding of what college accreditation is, then we offer a very useful and legal route to graduation. There is nothing illegal about our services. If you believe in the worth of life experience, if you believe your skills and knowledge are worth anything, then there is nothing unethical when you buy a life experience degree.

  • Associate College Degree. Only $120 USD
  • Bachelor College Degree. Only $130 USD
  • Masters College Degree. Only $155 USD
  • Doctorate College Degree. Only $180 USD
  • Professorship. Only $210 USD
  • Fellowship. Only $210 USD

Buy A Life Experience Degree - it is becoming more and more important for the many working people who require qualifications for their years of work experience, life experience, education and workplace skills. Many people who do not have a graduate or undergraduate degree in their field of employment realise the solution is to buy a life experience degree online, the simplest answer to their problem. Empower your career, empower your self esteem and your life today. Climb the salary scale and receive due recognition for your knowledge and sskills.

nor will it mention your were awarded your degree through us.

It is important to understand a life experience degree is awarded to those people who have competency, skills, knowledge and life experience in a specific field of interest. Prior experience may include military service, general work experience, prior college education, certificates of achievement, travel, professional development courses and workshops, community and volunteer services and all other areas of life and work experience.
By ordering your degree through us, you are making a legal declaration that you have sufficient previous life experience for the degree you wish to be awarded. This unique system is an excellent opportunity which many thousands of people have benefited from.
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Buy A Life Experience Degree

A working professional may require a degree that will help kickstart his or her career and for such a person, a bachelors degree is the most appropriate. A bachelors degree will effectively help one enter the job market and as time passes one will be able to use the bachelors degree and the experience acquired in the job market to apply for a higher degree such as the masters degree or doctorate degree. Because a bachelors degree is seen as the entry point for all degree programs, it is essential that degree seekers will have a fair idea of how this degree works and the processes the individual would have to go through in order to acquire a bachelors degree. If you are planning to use your life experience to obtain an online life experience degree at the bachelors level, you would need to decide to pursue at least 4 years study in a university.

These four years do not come cheap at all. All through the study period a student will have to spend tens of thousands of dollars on academic and social bills. However, if you choose to use your credit for life experience, you would not have to spend anything like that amount.

A life experience degree, once awarded by an accredited college is of no lesser value than the ‘traditional study’ degree. A degree is a degree once the degree in question is awarded by an accredited college. All degrees are awarded by academic institutions and the award of the degree is the prerogative of the institution involved. For this reason, any autonomous institution can set its own criteria for the award of the degree once the laid down criteria . In addition, a reputable accreditation body will supervise the operations of this college, ensuring all academic standards are met. A life experience degree awarded through us has been tuned to fit the needs of our students and this makes it easy for our students to utilize our life experience degrees accredited programs without any hassle. We have created our unique procedure that makes it the best place to obtain a life experience degree with accredited programs and this procedure is in unison with the rest of our internationally acclaimed partners.

An online life experience degree does not mention life experience on it. Because the fact that it was awarded based on life experience that the person has picked up from his or her daily activities is unimportant. What counts the most is the fact that the person has the skills and the knowledge to work effectively and efficiently. Even after the award of a degree based on the life experience, the person can improve his or her future chances of gaining life experience degrees by engaging in more activities on a day to day basis.

What is an Online Life Experience Degree ?

Online Accredited Life Experience Degree is the best manner to provide a significant worth to your life experience, prior learning, work experience, skills and knowledge by getting a degree of your choice. You can get online life experience degree in any of our programs: associate, bachelor, masters or doctorate and choose your major on the basis of your work or life experience in just 5 days.

By life experience, we refer to your prior learning experience in your work or job, participation in seminars, attendance at any kind of online or off-line training, volunteer participation for foundation community services, prior educational accomplishments and individual activities such as sporting activities, official and unofficial visits or traveling, hobbies and so on. You can get an online life experience degree accredited in any of the above criteria.

But there are many fake institutions also activate due to the advanced online education system. It is every students responsibility to check and verify their life experience degree is accredited or not.

Accreditation of an Online Life Experience Degree

Accreditation is simply the verification by another body that something is genuine and to the standards required. All over the world accreditation is done by the government of the country, but this is not the case in America. Here we have hundreds of "associations" and "organisations" that accredit courses and universities, some regionally and others nationally. Accreditation is really meaningless here.

There is no reason to get online life experience degree that is not accredited; without accreditation it would endanger your credibility and risk your career. However, most employers are no interested in accreditation but rather the legality of your degree, and so verification is far more important. As long as your degree can be verified by the issuing university then you will have no problems. Many prestigious accredited universities will award legal life experience degrees on the basis of your prior knowledge.

Why get a fake or bogus life experience degree from a degree mill and risk your credibility when institutions offer a 100% original online life experience degree accredited? At the moment we are aware of more than thirty bogus universities currently sell online degrees in the United States alone.

Why You Should Get Online Life Experience Degree?

Without a degree or diploma many job opportunities will be unobtainable for you. When you get an authentic life experience degree hat is accredited, you can boost your career of victory and fulfill your dreams in just 5 days, and this is the case when you order your life experience degree through us.

Once you earn a life experience degree on the basis of your prior knowledge, you will have a secure career, improve job position or improve your salary or employment package. You can continue further studies after getting an online life experience degree in your desired discipline or field of interest.

Getting an original, 100% legal, online life experience degree that is accredited was never easier

life experience degree imageYou are the one called to the front of the queue in airports; you are the one getting the free upgrade to first class; you are the one sitting at the good table not too near the band overlooking the river; you are the one dazzling your future employers with your skills and abilities at an interview rather than having your Resume ditched by a computer programmed to scan all applications and send rejection slips to perfectly capable applicants who happen not to have a degree; The benefits are endless. The degrees available thru us are obtained thru the exploitation of legal loopholes, but legally that does not make them of any less worth of a "worked for" degree.
"I have never been offered as many loans by my bank as I have since beginning to use my Doctoral Title"
Dr. P. Johnson

Generally the term "education" refers to the methods by which the habits of a lifestyle are passed down from generation to generation. Education is further extended by the decision to study specific information about specific topics and as a result becoming more knowledgeable and skilled within that specific area. This education is conducted in a formal manner, through the schools, colleges and universities of the world. However many people are not able to avail themselves of this type of education for many and varied reasons, including insufficent funds. Whilst people spend many years within their chosen profession, obtaining the life experience and work experience and skills of their profession, they have no formal document testifying to their abilities and it is these people that are now searching for details about how to Buy A Life Experience Degree. As you are reading this, we assume this applies to you also.

life experience degree fast imageGetting a life experience degree can help you advance in your career and give you the confidence you need to succeed. Sometimes a tangible form, such as a life experience degree, of what you know gives you a psychological edge in the job market. The difference between succeeding or failing in many cases depends on a piece of paper, specifically a diploma or degree. It is the key that unlocks many doors and offers more lucrative, satisfying jobs. Earning more is certainly a great addition to gaining the satisfaction and joy out of a fulfilling career.

life experience degree imageLife experience degrees are an excellent alternative to actually completing a college degree in many cases.

There have been numerous agreements signed by government authorities of countries about how to Buy A Life Experience Degree online and associated topics. The European Convention on Human Rights of 1952 obliges all its signatory countries to ensure people’s right to education. The United Nation’s Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights 1966 guarantees the right to education by its Article 13. There is nothing in this document that states you cannot educate yourself through work experience and life experience; there is nothing that states you are obliged to sit in a formal classroom attending lectures, sitting examinations, doing coursework. Nothing at all.

To buy a life experience degree online has always been a topic of conversation in education circles. It is society that refuses to recognize your life experience education without a degree. When you buy a life experience degree you will quickly realize that you are able to trade your life experience and work experience for a piece of paper acknowledging your knowledge, skills and life experience in your chosen field. What is important is that your document, your life experience degree, is issued by an accredited college, that it is genuine and legal and that it can be verified by any prospective employer at any time. When you order through us, all those conditions are assured.

College credit for life experience is legally defined by the U.S. Department of Education as credit earned by students for what they have learned through independent study, noncredit adult courses, work experience, portfolio demonstration, previous licensure or certification, or completion of other learning opportunities (military, government, or professional).

Our degree programs are recognized as innovative and revolutionary by leading authorities in higher education and adheres to the U.S. Department of Labor's Non-Traditional Education Guidelines.

When you buy a life experience degree through us it provides a viable alternative for many working adults who cannot afford the time away from jobs and families required, or the expenses dictated by traditional universities. We provide the opportunity, using your professional expertise, skills, knowledge and life experience, to earn your Bachelor's, Master's or Doctorate degree fast and on your own terms. We remove the obstacles that cause adults to abandon hopes of acquiring their degree. You have experienced that having a college degree is considered by most employers as a necessity, regardless of their experience or skill. We are here to help you through the process of achieving your goals.

Our students come from many different backgrounds and have a variety of education, training, and experience. We also know that many of our degree candidates, while having the knowledge and experience in their field, are faced with the day to day pressures of a job and family, leaving little time to devote to traditional classroom or distance education. A growing number of universities are giving credit toward a degree for knowledge and skills learned through work and life experience. The degree earned by our students enables them to qualify for career advancement and personal growth.

In our fast paced society where education is a necessity, we are dedicated to helping you achieve the college degree you have always wanted. Obtaining an affordable and accredited university degree in the shortest time possible is no longer a luxury but a necessity for all who need to provide for themselves and their families. Applying one's professional and life experience towards a college degree has become the standard in today's world to achieve this goal.

Established in 2001 we offer an all-inclusive U.S. nationally accredited degree program based on prior learning and life experience credits. You may have done past courses and other learning which equals an Associate, Bachelor or Master degree, but you accumulated that learning in a variety of contexts with no resulting degree outcome.

No need to take admission exams, no need to study, get a life experience degree for what you already know. Our online degree and diploma programs are open and available to all students, job seekers and working adults, regardless of their physical location, age, sex or marital status. You can get an online life experience degree or diploma for a bright career without attending classes or taking exams; the only prerequisite we require is that you should have life, work or military experience.

Most of the students, working adults and job seekers prefer our life experience degree program because we offer college degrees in every discipline and field with 100% based on work or life experience. We have a huge network of successfully accredited life experience degree and diploma alumni all over the world. They are 100% satisfied and upgraded their job positions and careers.

We offer online life experience degrees in almost all majors and disciplines. We recognize 100% of the work or life experience of our students. We are accredited by the Board of Online Universities Accreditation (BOUA) and World Online Education Accrediting Commission (WOEAC).

Through us you can be awarded accredited degrees based on your work or life experience. This means you can earn a degree on the basis of what you have already learned in your life, whether that knowledge has been acquired professionally or from other venues, such as work, religious participation, military training, etc. There is no need to attend classes or to take exams.

The life experience degree is accredited and recognized worldwide and can be ordered in any major, depending on your work or life experience. All the degree programs offer a wide range of majors but, in case you do not find your major in the list for your selected degree program, this can be arranged. We offer a wide variety of majors in our life experience degree programs. These programs are exclusively designed for current working adults and the majors provide you with the opportunity to earn accredited degrees based on what you already know without the need of attending classes or sitting exams.

One of the best reasons for getting your life experience degree through us is that your degree DOES NOT use the words “online” or “life experience” on your documents. Your degree will be identical any traditional degree.

All the life experience degrees offered through us are guaranteed 100% legal and verifiable because of recognition from the accrediting institutes. The two major accreditation institutes are the Board of Online Universities Accreditation (BOUA) and the World Online Education Accrediting Commission (WOEAC).

What does life experience mean?

• Prior job experience in any field
• Military training
• Previous educational achievements
• Employer-sponsored training and attendance at workshops
• Participation in organizations, both professional and non-professional
• Personal goals, lifestyle, hobbies, and traveling
• Participation in volunteer activities and community service
• Independent reading, viewing, listening, or writing

A degree based on the basis of your life experience has evolved from the philosophy of education; education can take many forms, from formal classroom study to on the job learning - work experience and life experience. The colleges and universities that we represent recognize these alternative learning methods and have accreditation status from various prestigious accrediting organizations.

Numerous people, unable to continue their studies for various reasons, possess a wealth of knowledge on the basis of their life experience. These individuals are usually overlooked for the good positions at their respective work places due to the requisite degree requirement. Now, if you have sufficient life experience in a specific field you can get a degree in just 5 days. This is the shortest time in which you can get an accredited life experience degree via the internet. Remember that we provide a 100% money-back guarantee if you do not get approved in your desired program.

Whether you are seeking advancement in your current work position or preparing for a career change, an accredited and recognized life experience degree can greatly enhance your career prospects. It is a reality that people who possess a college or university degree are looked upon as knowledgeable and successful. If you have a college or university life experience degree you are almost assured of gaining leverage in the work place and certainly respect from your peers.

You may qualify to earn any of our accredited life experience degrees. In addition you can qualify for more than one degree at a time provided your experience meets the required criteria for the degrees you choose.


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A degree is an academic degree and in a few countries it is also known as an undergraduate degree, particularly in America; it is awarded for an course or major that generally lasts four years, but can range anywhere from three to seven years depending on the region of the world; the student studies a specific area of study. In some exceptional cases, it may also be the name of a postgraduate degree, such as a bachelor of civil law, the bachelor of music, the bachelor of philosophy, or the bachelor of sacred theology degree.Buy A Life Experience Degree Image

Under the British system of education and those countries influenced by it, specifically Australia, Bangladesh, Canada, Hong Kong, Ireland, India, Jordan, Malaysia, Malta, Nigeria, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Singapore, their educational systems all follow the pattern set by the universities in England, such that a bachelors degree may also carry with it a level of achievement and hence a bachelors degree will also include such achievement as a pass with or without Honors. Usually to receive the level of honors a study is required to complete an extra year of study and this is particularly so in Singapore, Australia and New Zealand. An honours year usually consists of coursework and a thesis for professional courses (for example for engineering and music) and is very often entirely research for postgraduate studies.

When you Buy A Life Experience Degree through us it is genuine. It is 100% legal and issued by an accredited university. Equally important, it is verifiable at any time by anyone. It will include the university logo, the graduates name, the degree awarded, the genuine embossed seal of the university which is a gold seal and ornate, genuine signatures, the authorized status and address of the university.

Here are a few words from one of our satisfied clients.

I ordered a degree and I received outstanding service and support from start to finish. The degree I received was legally granted, just as I needed. The document 'ticked a box' in an application process that I was undergoing and I was accepted. My new employer was interested only in the legality of the degree and my ability to perform and had no interest in accreditation. I am happy in my new job and my new employer is very happy to have me on board.

Read more words from some of our satisfied clients - click the Testimonials link at the top of this page.

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