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We offer you the opportunity to earn your MBA Degree based on your work or life experience, without requiring you to take admission exams, attend classes or complete coursework. Many people were not able to continue their education to the college degree level when they were younger for many reasons and today it is these people who are looking for information about how to buy an MBA degree (Master of Business Administration), to round out their education.

What are the admission requirements for the MBA Degree program?
Applying for an MBA Degree on the basis of your work or life experience is simple and easy. If you possess a minimum of three years of work or life experience relevant to the major you are interested in, you qualify for this degree.

All the colleges and universities we represent
are accredited and recognized
and acknowledge that work experience and life experience are simply another genuine method of study and accordingly are willing to offer the opportunity to transform this experience into an
MBA degree (Master of Business Administration).

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Buy an MBA Degree
Buy An MBA

    buy an MBA degree image 100% Legal
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    buy an MBA degree image Verifiable by Anyone

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Buy an MBA Degree | Buy MBA

Through us you can learn how to buy the MBA degree (Master of Business Administration Degree) issued by a registered university. This legitimate process is based on a life experience portfolio declaration and approval is virtually instantaneous.

By life experience we mean any or all of the following: prior job experience in any field, military training, previous educational achievements, employer-sponsored training and attendance of workshops, participation in organizations, both professional and non-professional, personal goals, lifestyle, hobbies, and traveling, participation in volunteer activities and community service, independent reading, viewing, listening, or writing.

  • Associate College Degree. Only $120 USD
  • Bachelor College Degree. Only $130 USD
  • Masters - MBA - Degree. Only $155 USD
  • Doctorate College Degree. Only $180 USD
  • Professorship. Only $210 USD
  • Fellowship. Only $210 USD

Buy an MBA Degree - Earning an MBA Degree can be a huge boost to your career. Employees with an MBA tend to command much higher salaries than those without and they generally earn back the cost of their degree quickly. It is up to you to determine whether an MBA Degree matches your personal and career goals or not.


An MBA Degree, according to,
"is thought to be one of the most prestigious and sought after degrees in the world."
It opens doors for graduates in business situations both local and global. MBA Degrees generally focus on business management and are required for most executive and senior management positions; more and more often they are a requirement for mid-level positions at many companies.
By ordering the MBA Degree through us you are making a legal declaration that you have sufficient previous life experience for the degree you wish to be awarded. This unique system is an excellent opportunity which many thousands of people have benefited from.
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How can it be legal to buy an MBA Degree?

All the universities and colleges that we represent are legally allowed to award the MBA Degree at their discretion. Our service acts as a confidential intermediary between you and the college or university. Convert what you already know into a powerful MBA qualification. By ordering through us you are making a legal declaration that you have sufficient previous work experience for the MBA degree you wish to be awarded. This unique system is an excellent opportunity.

Online MBA Degree Fast.

Get the MBA Degree today, based on what you already know. An MBA Degree is commonly referred to as a Graduate Degree. People holding a Master Of Business Administration degree ( an MBA degree ) have usually earned a Bachelors Degree previously (but this is not essential) and eventually can proceed to a Doctoral program (PhD) if they so wish.

Why should you buy an MBA degree from us?
- It is a real, original MBA degree, from an accredited university.
- Affordable price.
- Increases future job promotion opportunities.
- Save time on lengthy study.
- Save money on high university fees.
- No need to complete coursework, attend lectures or sit examinations.
- Buy an MBA degree today to accelerate your career

We have taken the guess work out of how to buy the MBA degree for yourself. We are affiliated with the world's leading universities, all of whom are bona fide, legal and accredited institutions. Our system ensures that when you buy an MBA degree through us you get a worldwide recognized degree at the most affordable price with the following benefits:
- no resume required
- you don't have to attend classes
- you don't have to complete coursework
- you don't have to pay admission or tuition fees
- you don't have to sit examinations

More importantly, the legality of your MBA Degree and the FREE verification facility that your university offers means any person, including employers, can verify your degree at any time.

We offer genuine MBA degrees from real, reputable universities in English speaking countries. When you order an MBA degree through us you will see that on your degree is the same university embossed seal that can be found on degrees from that same university. The MBA degrees all come from universities that have collaborated partnerships worldwide that believe in the value of a life experience education, no matter where you are from or how you get it - including learning online. You have our guarantee that your university will be accredited.

We understand your problems! When our clients buy the MBA Degree it solves most of their problems and concerns.

Is your promotion repeatedly delayed because you don’t have the right degree (MBA Degree) and your less experienced colleagues get promoted over you?
You can’t find a suitable job as most companies where you apply require higher education in the form of an MBA Degree?
Your relationship is suffering because your girlfriend worries about how secure your future is without an MBA Degree?

If any of the above apply to you, be assured as you have now found the most reliable provider of genuine MBA Degrees online and you can get an accredited MBA degree at the most reasonable price through us! All you need is work or life experience. An MBA Degree based on experience.

What are you waiting for?

Do not waste your valuable time with bogus online universities or diploma mills that sell phoney, replica, fake degrees. Since 2001 we have been helping many people just like youself obtain their MBA Degree from real universities. We provide legally accredited university MBA degrees and have many thousands of satisfied customers worldwide. You can order now and buy with confidence!

Buy A Master of Business Administration Degree (MBA Degree)

Quick Facts About the MBA Degree

- The average salary of 2011 business graduates was $66,694.
- The average length of an MBA program in the United States is two years.
- The average total cost of an MBA program is approximately $40,000 per year.
- Most MBA students are between the ages of 25 and 34, with at least two years of professional work experience. Some students do enter MBA programs earlier, however, and it is never too late to earn a degree.
- 25% of MBA students attend school outside of their home country.
- Companies surveyed by the Graduate Management Admission Council report that 21 percent of recent MBA hires previously interned with them.
- While an MBA is a professional and educational achievement, it also encourages personal growth.
- Only about 50% of MBA students have an undergraduate degree (such as a Bachelors Degree)
- Earning an MBA will help you develop a close network of business professionals.

We DO NOT offer fake, phoney or replica degrees and we DO NOT deal with degree mills. When you buy an MBA degree (Master of Business Administration Degree) through us it will come from an Accredited English-speaking college, it will be a genuine Legal document with the embossed university seal and signatures, with transcripts if you require them, and at any time any future employer (or in fact anyone) can contact your college to verify the legality of your degree. In addition, if you are not happy with your degree we have a 100% money back no questions asked guarantee. We have been representing these universities and colleges for 12 years and no-one has ever requested a refund.

Buy an MBA Degree and improve your life for the better: improve your self-esteem, improve the quality of your life be it through a pay rise or a job promotion and an increase in work options available to you; most importantly your family's lifestyle can be not only maintained but improved.

The need for a university qualification is becoming more and more important; when an employer has a choice between applicants who have or do not have that piece of paper named a Master of Business Administration degree, they invariably choose the one with the an MBA degree image

If you decide not to buy your MBA Degree, we offer links for you to look for scholarships to help you attend a traditional classroom based MBA system:

  • Fastweb – A searchable scholarship database.
  • MBA Colleges – Provides scholarship updates in a blog format.
  • Adventures in Education – A database of scholarships for a variety of disciplines and programs.
  • International Education Financial Aid – A searchable scholarship database with an emphasis on studying abroad.
  • U.S. News and World Report – A scholarship database maintained by U.S. World News and CareersAndColleges.
  • CollegeNET – A technology company that gives away a weekly scholarship.
  • FreSch – A large database of approximately 450,000 awards.
  • FastAID – A company that has been doing scholarship research for about thirty years.
  • – A database that will match potential scholarships to your personal information.
  • BrokeScholar – A useful scholarship database operated by Chase Student Loans.

buy an MBA degree imageToday flexibility in time and daily schedules is very difficult if not impossible. To study online is very difficult, but when you Buy a Master of Business Administration degree you get your life back! No formal classes to attend, no study to do or assignments to complete, no testing or examinations to take. Your new Master of Business Administration degree is based on your life experience and will allow you to climb the ladders to success.

buy an MBA degree imageWhen you buy an MBA degree you do not need to attend online classes or perform online set works. All you need to do is to complete a simple application form and within a few days your new Master of Business Administration degree will arrive, eliminating the need to go to formal classes in universities and colleges. Because there is no need to go to classrooms, you not only save not only effort and time but also money in travel costs. Such savings could translate to significant amounts over time. Just another reason why you should Buy a Master of Business Administration degree.

There have been numerous agreements signed by government authorities of countries about how to buy an MBA degree (Master of Business Administration) online and associated topics. The European Convention on Human Rights of 1952 obliges all its signatory countries to ensure people’s right to education. The United Nation’s Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights 1966 guarantees the right to education by its Article 13. There is nothing in this document that states you cannot educate yourself through work experience and life experience; there is nothing that states you are obliged to sit in a formal classroom attending lectures, sitting examinations, doing coursework. Nothing at all.

To buy an MBA degree (Master of Business Administration) online has always been a topic of conversation in education circles. It is society that refuses to recognize your life experience education without an MBA degree (Master of Business Administration Degree). When you buy an MBA degree (Master of Business Administration Degree), you will realize that you are able to trade your life experience and work experience for a piece of paper, acknowledging your skills and experience in your chosen field. What is important is that your document, your MBA degree, is issued by an accredited college, that it is genuine and legal and that it can be verified by any prospective employer at any time.

Buy An MBA Degree

MBA Degree Online image Many people dream of it : to complete an abandoned degree, pursue a new career path, or break through into a management position. But often time money and family commitments make it impossible to participate in a classroom education that we think will help us to realize those dreams.

That is why many people, including employers, are now recognizing the value of an MBA degree earned online. According to a recent survey of 240 employers, 61% of employers now find online degrees acceptable. And why not? After all, life experience and work experience are both valuable educational experiences. Who dictated that education must take place only in a classroom and not throughout our lives?

Ongoing education has become a requirement for success on the job and countless skilled workers have amassed a lot of knowledge in their given fields through their day-to-day rigors of solving problems, facing challenges and keeping up with constant advances in their industries. You will often hear a traditional college graduate say they felt their classroom education did not prepare them adequately for work in their chosen field. The truth is there is no better education than what you learn on the job.

An accredited MBA degree, when evaluated and issued by an experienced, registered institution, recognizes and rewards people for their years of work. Using many of the same traditional educational benchmarks as traditional colleges such as previous college courses, college level examination programs, employer sponsored training, military training, workshops, and certificates of achievements as their guide, the universities we present awards to worthy applicants, an MBA degree that is a true representation of a person's knowledge and skills.

The traditional colleges and universities, threatened by the advances in technology and changes in the workplace, are altering the definition of education and how it is acquired and are rallying against online MBA degrees. But their world is insulated, based on their greed for money. The rest of us live in a world of rising education costs, excessive competition, the loss of job security and a weak job market.

The quality of workers matters now more than ever. Yet, within countless firms where productivity, quality, flexibility and experience are of prime concern, many highly qualified workers are running into closed doors because their achievements are undervalued and unnoticed and because they do not have a degree.

A college education is still a fundamental prerequisite for getting a good job and an MBA degree is still the path to higher management. The best forecasts of job growth in all nations suggest that the economy will continue to favor those with the higher years of schooling, so having an MBA degree is becoming more and more imperative.

Life experience based MBA degrees are making their deserved mark in changing the landscape of adult and continuing education, both online and offline. When both traditional and life experience MBA degrees can proudly stand side-by-side on a resume, employers will finally have a richer, more fuller picture of the person who is sitting before them at an interview. Just as the traditional medical community, over time, had to adjust its ideas about holistic and natural approaches to human health and treatment, so too must traditional educational institutions do likewise, recognizing that life experience is yet another method of invaluable education.

An MBA degree is an academic degree and in a few countries it is also known as a graduate degree particularly in America; it is awarded for a course or major that generally lasts two years, but can range anywhere from two to four years depending on the region of the world; the student studies a specific area of study.Buy A Degree Image

Under the British system of education and those countries influenced by it, specifically Australia, Bangladesh, Canada, Hong Kong, Ireland, India, Jordan, Malaysia, Malta, Nigeria, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Singapore, their educational systems all follow the pattern set by the universities in England, such that a masters degree may also carry with it a level of achievement and hence a masters degree will also include such achievement as a pass with or without Honors. Usually to receive the level of honors a student is required to complete an extra year of study and this is particularly so in Singapore, Australia and New Zealand.

When you Buy An MBA Degree | Buy MBA Degree through us it is genuine. It is 100% legal and issued by an accredited university. Equally important, it is verifiable at any time by anyone. It will include the university logo, the graduates name, the degree awarded, the genuine embossed seal of the university which is a gold seal and ornate, genuine signatures, the authorized status and address of the university.

Here are a few words from one of our satisfied clients.

I ordered an MBA degree (Master of Business Administration) and I received outstanding service and support from start to finish. The degree I received was legally granted, just as I needed. The document 'ticked a box' in an application process that I was undergoing and I was accepted. My new employer was interested only in the legality of the degree and my ability to perform and had no interest in accreditation. I am happy in my new job and my new employer is very happy to have me on board.

Read more words from some of our satisfied clients who have purchased an MBA - click the Testimonials link at the top of this page.

New MS/MBA Biotechnology: Life Sciences Joint Degree

As many of you know, Boston and Harvard are a global hub for innovation in biotech, healthcare, and life science. I am pleased to let you know we have launched an exciting new joint degree. In two years you earn an MBA from HBS and an MS from the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences through the Harvard Department of Stem Cell and Regenerative Biology, which will equip you to make an enduring impact at the intersection of life science and business. 

This joint degree program is designed for candidates who have an undergraduate degree in life sciences or medicine and/or significant workplace experience in biotechnology or life sciences. Check out more information here. We are accepting applications now to begin the program in August 2020.

Class of 2022 Application is Live!

We’ve been hard at work to get the application ready for you to apply to be part of the Class of 2022, and we opened it today. Check it out here or find a downloadable overview of the application here.

Last summer, I wrote a series of tips for each part of the application. Feel free to scroll back through those posts, or we’ve consolidated them into one PDF for you here. The most important thing to remember: We are aiming to get to know YOU through the written application. Bring us into your world; help us understand the impact you've already had and your aspirations going forward.

Finally, as a reminder, here are the application deadlines for this year:

  • Round 1: September 4, 2019
  • Round 2: January 6, 2020
  • 2+2: April 2, 2020


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